Sales Contact

Contact : Mr. Kiwi Yao

Tel : +886-3-222-3170 ext.15

Mobile phone : +886-970-062-527

Project : LPKF StencilLaser , LPKF Rapid prototyping(Laser) , LPKF SolarQuipment , , pvnanocell Silver, Copper, and Gold inks , Optomec Aseosol jet system , WOP femtosecond laser micromachining , Femtika Femtosecond laser ScanCAD Scanners

Contact : Mr. Steven Wu

Tel : +886-3-222-3170 ext.17

Mobile phone : +886-970-062-536

Project : First EIE Photoplotter ,Ink Jet Printer ,EDI ,Glass Mask , Colenta PCB Film Processor , Fuji Film , voxeljet 3D printing system , Synova Laser Microjet system , miDALIX Maskless lithography system

Contact : Mr. Jerry Zheng 



Tel : +886-3-222-3170 ext.16

Mobile phone : +886-970-062-540

Project : LPKF Rapid Prototyping(the others) 、bigrep FDM 3D Printing System , Blackbelt FDM 3D Printing System

Contact : Mr. Joe Chou



Tel : +886-3-222-3170 ext.26

Mobile phone : +886-970-062-539

Project : voxeljet 3D Printer、LPKF Laser Welding SystemLPKF LDS System、Optomec DED 3D Printing

 Support Contact

Contac t: Mr. Leo Lee

Tel : +886-3-222-3170 ext.18

Mobile phone : +886-970-062-537

Contact: Mrs. Kelly Mo



Tel:+886-3-222-3170 ext. 29

Maintenance & Telephone Service

Microsys Engineering Co., Ltd offers professional maintenance service, please contact our engineering department directly. We will take down your repair data and follow up the progress. Avoid missing any repair information and affect your production, please contact us direcly. Tel:+886-3-222-3170.